Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Monday, March 27, 2006

I dunno man... the worst thing I've ever written - depends who you ask.
Worst line ..? I probably scratched it out as soon as I wrote it. Nothing like the Papi Chulo scene from Devil Inside.
Worst Advice? "Dude, Devil Inside is pretty cool. You should keep at it."
MY worst pitch meeting was as Apostle Pictures - When we got to the part where Kevin and I were the hosts of the show, that dude was SO done with us. We were like Beavis and Butthead sitting on that couch trying to be funny.
The worst thing about being on set is ninety percent of the time- everyone is pissed off, has been working too long, has NO idea what is taking so long on this scene; hates the director and/or the script and is going to quit or get fired today or tomorrow.
And no matter how softly I talk, SOMEBODY has to 'shush' me.
My worst working habit is that I get bored easily and want to move on to a fresh new idea instead of polishing the old one.
My worst script idea was Kissing Winnie Cooper. At least I had the good sense not to write it.
Worst mistake I ever made was going to college.