Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Monday, March 06, 2006

I just got done sending Benderspink a hate email after seeing Red Eye this weekend. I have come to hate movies and it saddens me. I would gladly pay half price to eat a little popcorn and watch a few previews of movies that are also going to suck, and then go hang out with some friends. Went to see Firewall last night and have only myself to blame. Actually prefer the Bruce Willis Version from a few years back called Hostage. Glad to see Virginia Madsen back where she belongs back playing The Wife. Where was the guy with the duct tape on the set of Sideways? For some fucken reason my wife and I decided to try to sit through Assault on Precinct 13 - in the spirit of daring someone to see how long they can hold their breath underwater or leave their hand on something hot. And I have to say she outlasted me. Ethan Hawke is haunted by failing to save his two partners in an undercover hand-held sting gone bad. Now he drinks and has a desk job; STOP me when Maria Bello shows us her tits and you think you have seen this before. I don't know if he unholsters and confronts his demons in time to stop the bad guy from killing Drea DeMatteo or maybe whatisname from Die Hard does it for him.
In any case I am going to the fucken bookstore.