Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seriously though, fuck The DaVinci Code.

The book was without a doubt the best selling screenplay treatment since Bridges of Madison County, (Oh yes, remember that one?) but it was in the fiction section last time I looked - Can we drop it Catholic Church?
What I loved about the DaVinci Code madness was people who hadn't read a book since they scanned the Cliff Notes to Sound and the Fury in high school coming up to me like, "Dude this is a great book!" Bridges of Madison County wasn't a great book and neither is DaVinci Code.
Millions of people disagree with me. And that's cool.
You can't take away from the best seller status... and I don't mean to - I am glad people who NEVER read bought a book still in hard cover after over a years worth of printing - what I'm saying is this... If it hadn't been for word of mouth, you might have never read it. Imagine how many other great books you might be missing out on.
I know, we'll start a Tenspeed and Brownshoe book club.
Let's all read Motherless Brooklyn before thr Ed Norton movie comes out!
I did not sit down to write this, but now here it is.
This is Brownshoe, switching to decaf.