Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Friday, April 21, 2006

I feel sorry for Gilbert Godfried being named least sexy man alive. I mean he's funny and has a job in show business. I bet he's sexy to somebody. Who are the mean spirited little people who make up these lists?
Oh Jesus...
I hope no newspaper makes a list of the least sexy women in the media!
Let's stop and ponder for a moment the backlash -
"Oh women are so objectified... eating disorders... blah blah high school girls... confused... their bodies... blah blah unfair... music videos and ... more women like Katie Couric..."
It would be our cartoon of Mohamed.
But you've started making up your own list haven't you?
Of course you have.
Stop it.

Oh all right, just one.
I'll go first.

Mrs. Garret.

- It's Brownshoe baby - wanna hand me a towel?