Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Monday, April 24, 2006


It's been about 3 years now and I just realized that I don't watch NBC anymore.

When I was a kid I used to wait all week until Thursday to watch its line-up. The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, and Night Court. That was Thursday for me when I was a kid. All quality shows. The Must-See-TV line-up has changed over the years but it's always been good. Maybe all 4 shows weren't stellar but there were still at least 2 sitcoms that would make me laugh.

Well...no more of that shit.

What do we have now?

Will & Grace: C'mon, how many times can I hear Delta Burke call one of the guys a fag? Oh wait, that's not Delta Burke.

Will & Grace (again): They show it twice here in New York. Here's a joke they used the last time I watched it...Jack: She's got a nice caboose. Karen: And nice catits.

My Name is Earl: Jason Lee tries to correct his mistakes and change people's lives. I liked it better when it was Quantum Leap. First of all, My Name Is Earl doesn't have that cool blue light effect when he completes his task. And Jason Lee never says, "Oh boy!" Ever.

The Office: Don't get me wrong, I love Steve Carrell. Just not in this. Plus, I was a HUGE fan of the British version. Ricky Gervais, anyone? Watching the American version after watching the British version is like dating Jennifer Lopez's sister. Yeah, she's a Lopez but still...

Painful, painful, painful. And that's just Thursday night. Do you realize that NBC is trying to do their own version of American Idol? But that's not my favorite. My favorite is Celebrity Cooking Showdown. Not only is it a complete rip-off of Iron Chef (it even has the same set) but there aren't any celebrities on the show. Unless you count a former Miss USA, or a former Boy Band member, or the most downloaded woman (actually, that's not true) on the internet as celebrities.

So what's the answer?

Put Scrubs on Fox. Then bring back Arrested Development.

And I would never change the channel.