Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Excellent point my good man and anytime you can reference a guilty pleasure movie from the eighties you receive a bonus and get to skip ahead to the final round.
While I don't know what thing or person sent you off on such a tear by implying that reality TV was destroying our culture, they are of course part of a cycle that will never go away and these people never see themslelves when you show them the mirror. (As in Mr. Lithgows unforgettable performance in Footloose.)

Yes, Elvis' dancing was supposed to make little girls all over the country lose their virginity simply by watching him on Ed Sullivan. Now the whole thing seems quaint at best.

Reality TV, while gratingly uncreative and repetitive and just stupid is of course hurting no one. (Except of coures Pimp My Ride, the best of the best.) I take solace in the fact that when a new Harry Potter book comes out there is a line around the corner of people looking forward to buying it. At least someone is reading something. And people are camping out all night to see Meryl Streep in a seventy year old play that was originally written in German. Ying and Yang baby.

People will watch any fucking thing you put on television then complain that there is nothing on. Music videos and video games were supposed to make kids dumb; but these teenage brainiacs are doing ten things at once at their computers while IM-ing and talking on the phone while I sweat my shirt to my back looking at an Excel spreadsheet.

The world has always been ending and it never actually will.
Historically speaking the country has never been in good shape according to those there at the moment, but somehow a decade or two makes everything seem like it was hunky dory.
Hang in there.
I am Brownshoe and this is what I have seen thus far.