Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If I was a homeless guy, I would totally beg for change outside the post office and here's why;
When you buy stamps in the machine you get those pain in the ass dollar coins for change.
Nobody wants them - everybody wants to get rid of them.
I was thinking today as I exited the post office that if there was a homeless guy I would make his day and give him my dollar coins.
But there wasn't one so I kept them.

Speaking of homeless guys,
Last night I had occasion to be leaving a catered party with a zip lock bag full of cheese; you know, cubes of jalapeno cheese, dill havarti, ect... no brie though.
And I walked by this homeless guy and thought, do I give him the cheese?
He was the sitting on the sidewalk with a sign variety. (Where do they get the marker for the sign?)
Would he want the cheese? I didn't want to insult him by implying that yes, he was homeless- but was he so bad off that he would eat unwanted cheese out of a zip lock bag? Without so much as a table water cracker? I told myself,
He will probably just trade it for drugs.
A block later I saw how silly I looked walking down 34th street with a zip lock bag full of cheese and threw it away.
I am Brownshoe and this is my story