Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It has occurred to me that there are many things which I hear about either first or second hand that I am momentarily confused by; I was relieved when I discovered that the confusion was stemming from the fact that I was hearing about it in the first place. My mind, while vast and labyrinthine like the great city I live in; there is also a housing crunch. And I simply am unable to care about many things that seem to occupy many peoples interests.

I share some of them here with you.

Things I do not care about:
(In no particular order.)

The US Open.

For that matter the World Cup.

What anyone has worn to any award show, ever.

What anyone has had to say about it.

The fact that you are a vegan and there is nothing for you to eat.

Tiger Woods.

The space shuttle, NASA or any of the Apollo missions.

Who is winning, has won or may win, American Idol.

Who killed Jon Benet Ramsey.


Anything Oprah has ever said.

Brad, Angelina, Jen, Ben, Jen, Vince, Lindsay, Jessica, Nick, Brittany, Tom or Katie.

People who don't leave their houses when a hurricane is coming.

Other people's dogs.

Starr Jones or any of those cackling hens on The View.

Oh yeah, and Paris-fucking-Hilton.