Tenspeed & Brownshoe

Thursday, October 05, 2006

piss bag ?

Let me ask... what scripts do you read where someone stealing someone else's kidney is old hat you have seen a million times?
That is so random.
I mean yeah, bad guys are never really dead the first time, no matter what happened to them- and that thing the hero can do (or his dog) in act one will be called upon when life depends on it in act three; and no character will ever die in a Ron Howard film- and the car doesn't start at first, but then at the last minute does- and if you blow it with the love of your life by not opening your heart in time, they will follow through with their plans to move far far away and you WILL be forced to run foolishly after some form of public transportation...
But someone wakes after a tryst to find a KIDNEY REMOVED?
I try to get around but shit... you say so.

This is Brownshoe, as always the last to find these things out.