Tenspeed & Brownshoe: March 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Okay, okay, okay.

So we haven't posted in awhile. Like months. And the funny thing is, when Josh Friedman doesn't post for months at a time I'd be really pissed. But then again we don't have a .0001% of the visitors that the Jewish Dahlia has.

The truth is Scott and I have been very busy with our projects (Scott is the king of all things theatre) and I've been directing a lot, including a television sitcom.

So...life is good. Which of course means that you'll probably never hear from us again. Such has been the way of a lot of us when we get busy, professionally that is, not in the 90's colloquiasm for sex.

Honestly I don't know how people like Craig Mazin and John August do it. They're at the peak of their career and they find time to dole out such good advice. Then again, they're both pretty settled in their careers while Scott and I are still metamorphisizing (I never thought I'd be directing television after all my years in film).

Maybe when things cool down a bit we can get back to the useless info and inane inner monologues that we post. Until then...